A+ Fieldworker

Bev Taylor

Bev is the KFTRA  Fieldworker for HUDDERSFIELD SOUTH. She is a warm  welcoming and down to earth. Without Bev’s help, guidance and encouragement, many of our TRA’s would not be either active or as successful as they are today.

In her own words, here is a little bit about “OUR BEV”


“I came to work for Kirklees Council when Josh was 3 months old: that’s 23 years ago. I started working in Markets as a rent collector. After a year in Markets, I moved across to Health and Housing and became a Housing Steward in Batley.  My role was to collect housing rents and the dreaded Poll Tax as it was known. I did this for approximately 2 years and then started working on the Housing repairs database. My role was to survey all the Council properties in North Kirklees and enter their structure types and history onto a bespoke computer system.

I then became an Estate Management Officer in Dewsbury and worked in Dewsbury, Ravensthorpe, Mirfield and Thornhill, later becoming a  Senior Estate Management Officer in 2004. I worked for Kirklees Housing which later became Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing.

In or around 2008, I decided that I would like to become involved in Tenant Participation as I firmly believe that people can make a  difference collectively. I had campaigned successfully in my own village to keep my local post office open and for road calming measures and decided this was the path for me.

I was successful in getting one of the Neighbourhood Tenant Participation Officers jobs at KNH . Soon after KNH decided that KFTRA   should manage their tenant participation, so I made a big decision to leave the Council after 20 years service and applied to KFTRA. There were 60  applicants: I made it to the final 8 and the rest is history. People thought I was mad leaving the Council but isn’t it better to do something that  you believe in and know that you are making a difference? I’m sure it is”

KFTRA Fieldworker for the Huddersfield South Area

Kirklees Federation of Tenants and Residents
St. John’s Avenue,
Huddersfield HD4 6JP



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