Kirklees Community Voices

Kirklees Community Voices

If you are a Kirklees council housing tenant or resident living on an estate that does not currently have a Tenants and Residents Association you can still be involved in the Kirklees Tenants Movement.

What is Involved?

Being a community voice means that you will have more contact with your KNH Housing Officer. They will contact you on a regular basis to get your ideas and opinions on any new initiatives or activities that will be taking place on your estate and they will invite you to take part in quarterly inspections of the estate. You will also be more involved with the Kirklees Tenants Movement and be invited to meetings that involve Tenants representatives such as Area Forums, Tenant Committee;s and KFTRA Delegates meetings.

To be a community voice you must collect ten signatures from neighbours on your estate to say that they agree to you representing them and you must comply with rules regarding confidentiality and equality.

For more information contact your estate housing officer or KFTRA (Kirklees Federation of Tenants and Residents Associations) on 01484 223466 or use the contact form on this page.


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