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Building the Tenants Movement

Helping to build an active, representative tenants’ movement in the Kirklees area is a vital part of KFTRA’s work. There are already over 90 council estates in Kirklees who have an active Tenants & Residents Association (TRA) representing the people who live in their area.
Go to the Home Page and click on the Kirklees Map to find out if there is a TRA in your area. If your area is already represented then contact the appropriate KFTRA Fieldworker who will be delighted to put you in touch with the TRA committee members or will let you know the date, time and venue for the next TRA meeting.

If your area is not already represented then there are a number of ways in which you can become involved in the Kirklees tenant movement.

Start your own TRA

If you think that there are enough people in your area who would be interested in setting up a TRA then contact your KFTRA Fieldworker or telephone the KFTRA Office on 01484 223466.
Your Fieldworker will help you organise a public meeting in your area and give support and advice at every stage of setting up a TRA to reprsent your area. KFTRA Fieldworkers have a small budget which will pay for the printing of leaflets, the hire of a local meeting room and light refreshments.

Members from other TRAs in your area are also happy to lend a hand and will come along to your meeting to talk to you and your neighbours about their experiences of being involved in the Kirklees tenant movement.

Community Representatives

If there are only one or two people from your area who are interested in getting involved in the tenant movement then you can become a ‘Community Representative’. Community Representatives are invited along to all KFTRA open meetings and training events and also to various meetings which are organised by Kirklees Neighbourhhod Housing.

Community Representatives must have the backing from at least 10 people living in their areas and are seen as a ‘stepping stone’ to setting up a TRA.

Join KFTRA Speak Easy Team

If there are not enough people interested in setting up a TRA in your area, or in becoming Community Representatives, then you can still be involved in the tenant movement. Follow the Speak Easy Link to find out more about the important work which is carried out by this team.

Find out more about Speak Easy


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