Diary Dates

New Diary Dates from March 2014

Diary Dates

Diary Dates for other Areas

KFTRA Diary Dates

Huddersfield South Diary Dates 

Huddersfield North Diary Dates

Batley & Spen Diary Dates

Meetings for the Huddersfield South Neighbourhood

Almondbury South AGM at the Pop In centre – 12/03/14 at 6.00pm

Almondbury Area Forum at Highlands TRA Centre – 13/03/14 at 6.00pm

Cowlersley TRA at the TRA premises – 17/03/14 at 4.00pm

Huddersfield Area Committee at Hudds Town Hall – 18/03/14 at 7.00pm

Huddersfield South Tenant Committee at Brian Jackson Centre – 25/03/14 at 7.00pm

Friends of Springwood TRA at the Bowling Club – 27/03/14 at 1.30pm

if you have any events that you would like to publicise then please contact Bev Taylor. Tel 01484 223466 or email bev.taylor@kftra.net


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