Changes to Kirklees Council Housing Allocations Policy 2013

Changes to Kirklees Council Housing Allocations Policy

At the Council Cabinet meeting on 19/12/12 changes were agreed for the Council’s housing allocations policy.

When Will the Changes Take Place

No date has been given for the changes to take place. The next steps are forimplementation groups to work through the details of the changes and identify what needs to be done to put the changes in place. These groups will report back to the social housing reform advisory group (which includes tenant movement representatives) who will then release their proposals.

Housing Register Applications

The Council agreed to keep an “open access” housing register – anyone over the age of 16 can apply for social housing unless they are ruled to be ineligible due to immigration rules.

Housing Priority and Allowed Bidding

  • Additional Bidding Band – a new low level priority band will be introduced for people with a history of anti-social behaviour, people with their own home , people with significant housing debt and people with no links to Kirklees.
  • Size of Property – in future people will be able to bid for properties in line with housing benefit rules. This applies whether or not people receive housing benefit.
  • Housing Debt – if someones priority is reduced to Band E through debt accrued under housing benefit and universal credit changes, this will not preclude them from moving to a smaller property.
  • Fostering – people applying to foster or adopt children will be awarded Band C status to allow them to bid for a home large enough to allow them to foster or adopt.

Succession of Tenancy

People who qualify for the statutory right of succession will still succeed to the tenancy. However, the property must be the right size for the applicant and they must be eligible for social housing to either succeed to the tenancy or be allocated Band B status to bid for suitable properties.

Private Rented Sector

Where the Council designates someone as being in “priority need” a private sector property may be offered to meet that persons need as long as the property meets an adequate standard.

Open Age Policy

Apart from retirement living schemes, ALL council flats and bungalows will be available to tenants of any age. A Successful Communities policy will be used to tailor lettings to ensure that there are no life style clashes and local housing management will address these issues to support the Council’s priority of safe, healthy and supportive places for people to live.

Tenancy Arrangements

The council will not use flexible tenancies and will continue to offer secure tenancies. The secure tenancy will be offered after a tenant has successfully completed a 12 month introductory tenancy period.



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