Do You Need Help With Your Garden?

Do You Need Help With Your Garden?

100_2165 - 2011-06-05 at 15-07-16The KNH Assisted Gardening Scheme is the programme of works carried out for KNH (Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing) by KMC (Kirklees Metropolitan Council) Streetscene, Parks and Open Spaces Department. 

KNH Assisted Gardening Scheme

If the list is full people are placed on a waiting list and if necessary the Caretakers will try to help in keeping the garden manageable until a place becomes free.

The list is held and managed on behalf of KNH by KMC Streetscene and Housing Officers are able to view the list at any time. It is down to the Housing Officers to ensure that when a tenant leaves the property for whatever reason, they check to see if that property is on the list and if it is they will inform Streetscene that this property is to be removed.

Streetscene will then inform the Area Housing Manager which property is to be added from the waiting list.

This is the procedure currently used but it appears cumbersome and can lead to properties being missed.

The KFTRA Safer, Cleaner Working Group are currently looking at ways to improve the service and ensure that it benefits the people who need the scheme and not able bodied tenants.

If you have any ideas to improve the service. Please leave your comments on this site.

If you think that someone is on the scheme who shouldnt be there please let your housing officer know or ring KNH on 01484 416400

KFTRA are also looking at the wider implications of the service to see how it can be improved in other ways.

Garden 2
Garden 2

One idea suggested is that gardens on the list are given a ‘makeover’ to turn them into low maintenance gardens that will only need minimal work carried out once every year.


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