Who is your Housing Officer?

A Street by Street Guide for your Housing Officer

Below is a street by street list of the area patches covered by KNH Housing Officers.

Tel 01484 416400 for contact details 

Abbey Road Kath Trueman
Abbots Place Karoline Addington
Acre Street Tracey Fisher
Alandale Road Karoline Addington
Alder Street Kath Trueman
Aldonley Joanne Rollinson/Maureen Sadler
Almondbury Bank Daniel Joseph
Alton Avenue Jonathan Taylor
Annottes Croft Kevin Hough
Arkenmore Kevin Hough
Armitage St Karen Britton
Ash Meadow Close Gail Lomax
Ash Walk Christine Shaw
Ashbrow Road Gail Lomax
Ashenhurst Ave Joan Owens
Ashenhurst Cl Joan Owens
Ashenhurst Rd Joan Owens
Ashenhurst Rise Joan Owens
Ashes Lane Joanne Rollinson/Maureen Sadler
Ashes Lane Angela Bottomley
Ashwood Close Sheree Gordon
Back Lane Patricia Lee
Back Stoney Lane Karen Britton
Ballater Ave Katie Steele
Balmoral Ave Katie Steele
Bank View Steve Ashton
Bankfield Terr Joan Owens
Banksville Steve Ashton
Barcroft Road Angela Bottomley
Barnby Royd Kevin Hough
Barnsley Road Patricia Lee
Batleys Buildings Antony Dyson
Bay Close Tracey Fisher
Beaumont St Joanne Broadley
Bedford Avenue Patricia Lee
Bedford Close Patricia Lee
Beech Ave, Golcar Christine Shaw
Beech Ave, Thongsbridge Steve Ashton
Belle Vue Crescent Gail Lomax
Bentley St Joanne Broadley
Bernard Street Sheree Gordon
Bilham Road Patricia Lee
Birch Grove Christine Shaw
Birch Rd Karen Britton
Birdsedge Lane Patricia Lee
Birkby Lodge Road Kath Trueman
Bishops Ct David Detraux
Blacker Road Kath Trueman
Blackmoorfoot Rd Joanne Broadley
Blagden Lane Angela Bottomley
Blagden Lane Angela Bottomley
Bow St Joan Owens
Bracken Grove Cecile Hanson
Brackenhall Road Gail Lomax
Bradcroft Kath Trueman
Bradford Road Kath Trueman
Bradley Boulevard Gail Lomax
Bradley Mills Lane Sharon Donaghy
Bradley Mills Road Sharon Donaghy
Bradley Road Karoline Addington
Bradshaw Avenue Daniel Joseph
Bradshaw Drive Daniel Joseph
Broadlands Mohammed Saeed
Brian Street Tracey Fisher
Bridge Croft Mohammed Saeed
Bridley Dr Tim Lodge
Briestfield Road Patricia Lee
Broadgate Joanne Rollinson/Maureen Sadler
Brock Bank Kevin Hough
Broken Cross Joanne Rollinson/Maureen Sadler
Bronte Cl Katie Steele
Brooklands Karoline Addington
Brooklands sheltered Cecile Hanson
Brooks Buildings Antony Dyson
Brooks Yard Karoline Addington
Broomroyd Christine Shaw
Broomy Lea Lane Steve Ashton
Browning Road Sheree Gordon
Brownroyd Avenue Sharon Donaghy
Buckden Court Gail Lomax
Buckden Road Kath Trueman
Burfitts Road Rebecca Riley
Burhouse Court Daniel Joseph
Burnsall Court Gail Lomax
Burnside Drive Steve Ashton
Butts Close Patricia Lee
Butts Road Patricia Lee
Butts Way Patricia Lee
Buxton House David Detraux
Cadogan Avenue Tracey Fisher
Calder Dr Karen Britton
Caldercliffe Rd Karen Britton
Canby Grove Daniel Joseph
Carr Green Lane Kevin Hough
Carr Lane Tim Lodge
Carr Street Antony Dyson
Carrs Rd Tim Lodge
Cartwright Gardens Joanne Broadley
Castle Ave Angela Bottomley
Causeway Cres Tim Lodge
Cedar Cl Christine Shaw
Celandine Avenue Rebecca Riley
Cemetery Road Kath Trueman
Chalwood Cecile Hanson
Chapel Hill Patricia Lee
Chapelgate Steve Ashton
Charles St Joanne Broadley
Charles St Joanne Broadley
Cherry Nook Road Cecile Hanson
Cherry Tree Cl Christine Shaw
Chesil Bank Gail Lomax
Chesilton Avenue Rebecca Riley
Chestnut Street Sheree Gordon
Church Lane, Clayton West Patricia Lee
Church Lane, Newsome Angela Bottomley
Church Street, Emley Patricia Lee
Church Street, Paddock Antony Dyson
Church Terr Karen Britton
Church View Steve Ashton
Church View House Antony Dyson
Cinderhills Road Steve Ashton
Cl Hill Lane Angela Bottomley
Cliff Road Steve Ashton
Cliffe Road Patricia Lee
Cliffe Street Patricia Lee
Cliffewood Rise Patricia Lee
Clifton Road Antony Dyson
Clough Lane Kath Trueman
Clough Lane Antony Dyson
Colders Green Mohammed Saeed
Colne Hurst Cecile Hanson
Colne St Angela Bottomley
Colwyn Street Antony Dyson
Commercial Road Patricia Lee
ConiSton Rd Mohammed Saeed
Coombe Rd Christine Shaw
Copley Ave Mohammed Saeed
Coppice Dr Joanne Broadley
Copthorne Square Karoline Addington
Coronation Bungalows Mohammed Saeed
Cottage Homes Jonathan Taylor
Couford Grove Karoline Addington
Coule Royd Kevin Hough
Council Terrace Daniel Joseph
Cow Heys Kevin Hough
Cowlersley Lane Mohammed Saeed
Crawthorne Crescent Cecile Hanson
Crescent Patricia Lee
Crescent Royd Joanne Rollinson/Maureen Sadler
Crest Hill Road Cecile Hanson
Croft Cottage Lane Kath Trueman
Croft Street Antony Dyson
Croftlands Angela Bottomley
Cromarty Ave Katie Steele
Cromarty Dr Katie Steele
Crosland Rd Joanne Broadley
Crosland St Joanne Broadley
Cross Lane Karen Britton
Cross Street Daniel Joseph
Crossfields Kevin Hough
Crow Lane Terr Mohammed Saeed
Cumberworth Lane Patricia Lee
Curzon Street Karoline Addington
Daisy Lea Lane Tracey Fisher
Dale View Christine Shaw
Dalton Clowes Kevin Hough
Dalton Fold Road Sharon Donaghy
Dalton Green Lane Jonathan Taylor
Darbyfields Christine Shaw
Daw Royds Joanne Rollinson/Maureen Sadler
Dawson Rd Angela Bottomley
De Lacy Avenue Joanne Rollinson/Maureen Sadler
De Trafford St Katie Steele
Deacon Cl Mohammed Saeed
Dearne Fold Tracey Fisher
Deer Hill Ct Mohammed Saeed
Deercroft Road Rebecca Riley
Deighton Road 121- 179 Sheree Gordon
Deighton Road 2-85 Cecile Hanson
Denby Lane Crescent Patricia Lee
Dene Road Patricia Lee
Devonshire St Joanne Broadley
Dewhurst Road Kath Trueman
Deyne Rd Joanne Broadley
Dirker Ave Tim Lodge
Dirker Bank Rd Tim Lodge
Dirker Dr Tim Lodge
Disney Cl Katie Steele
Dolfin Place Karoline Addington
Douglas Avenue Antony Dyson
Dryclough Rd Katie Steele
Dukewood Road Patricia Lee
Dyson Street Jonathan Taylor
East Street Tracey Fisher
East View Antony Dyson
Eastgate Steve Ashton
Eastlands Daniel Joseph
Edale Ave Angela Bottomley
Edge Hill Close Sharon Donaghy
Elder Grove Joanne Broadley
Elder Grove Mews Joanne Broadley
Elder Road Karoline Addington
Eldon Road Antony Dyson
Elgin Cl Katie Steele
Elizabeth St Karen Britton
Elm Avenue Steve Ashton
Elm St Angela Bottomley
Elmfield Ave Christine Shaw
Eton Avenue Jonathan Taylor
Fair Lea Rd Karen Britton
Fairfield Rise Patricia Lee
Fairfields, Holmbridge Steve Ashton
Fairfields, Upper Denby Patricia Lee
Falcon St Angela Bottomley
Fallow Croft Karoline Addington
Fanny Moor Cres David Detraux
Fanny Moor Lane David Detraux
Fare Hill Flats Karen Britton
Farfield Road Joanne Rollinson/Maureen Sadler
Fartown Green Road Kath Trueman
Fenton Rd Joanne Broadley
Fern Lea Flats Gail Lomax
Fernside Avenue Joanne Rollinson/Maureen Sadler
Fernside Close Joanne Rollinson/Maureen Sadler
Fernside Court Joanne Rollinson/Maureen Sadler
Fernside Crescent Joanne Rollinson/Maureen Sadler
Field Road Steve Ashton
Field Way Patricia Lee
Fieldhouse Steve Ashton
Fieldhouse Dr Tim Lodge
Fieldhouse Road Sharon Donaghy
Fields Rise Jonathan Taylor
Fields Way Jonathan Taylor
Fieldshead Tim Lodge
First Avenue Jonathan Taylor
Fleminghouse Lane Daniel Joseph
Foster Ave Katie Steele
Foxlow Avenue Sharon Donaghy
Friar Place Karoline Addington
George Street Tracey Fisher
Gilbert Grove Katie Steele
Gilthwaites Crescent Patricia Lee
Gilthwaites Grove Patricia Lee
Gilthwaites Lane Patricia Lee
Gilthwaites Top Patricia Lee
Gisbourne Road Karoline Addington
Glastonbury Dr Christine Shaw
Glebe Close Patricia Lee
Glen Side Rd Tim Lodge
Glenfield Avenue Cecile Hanson
Godwin Place Karoline Addington
Gordon St Tim Lodge
Gorse Road Antony Dyson
Granby Flats Antony Dyson
Grange Bank Close Sharon Donaghy
Grasscroft Road Daniel Joseph
Great Northern Street Sharon Donaghy
Greave House Terrace Steve Ashton
Greaves Croft Steve Ashton
Greenside Avenue Daniel Joseph
Greenway Christine Shaw
Greenwood St Karen Britton
Grosvenor Road Jonathan Taylor
Halifax Old Road Kath Trueman
Halifax Road Antony Dyson
Hall Bower Karen Britton
Hall Cross Grove Joan Owens
Hall Cross Rd Joan Owens
Halton Close Joanne Rollinson/Maureen Sadler
Hammond Street Kath Trueman
HangingStone Rd Karen Britton
Harewood Mount Mohammed Saeed
Harp Inge Kevin Hough
Hart St Angela Bottomley
Harvey Royd Joanne Rollinson/Maureen Sadler
Hawes Avenue Tracey Fisher
Hawthorne Terr Joanne Broadley
Headfield Rd Angela Bottomley
Hebden Court Gail Lomax
Helme Lane Mohammed Saeed
Henley Croft Jonathan Taylor
Hepworth Crescent Steve Ashton
Hexham Green Christine Shaw
Hey Cres Mohammed Saeed
High Close Joanne Rollinson/Maureen Sadler
High Street Antony Dyson
Highcroft Crescent Joanne Rollinson/Maureen Sadler
Highfield Ave, Meltham Mohammed Saeed
Highfield Ave, Birdsedge Patricia Lee
Highfield Cres Mohammed Saeed
Highfields Steve Ashton
Highgate Crescent Steve Ashton
Highgate Lane Steve Ashton
Highgate Terrace Steve Ashton
Highlands Avenue Joanne Rollinson/Maureen Sadler
Highroyd Steve Ashton
Highroyd Crescent Jonathan Taylor
Highroyd Lane Jonathan Taylor
Hillhouse Lane Kath Trueman
Holays Kevin Hough
Hollin Nook Antony Dyson
Hollin Terrace Antony Dyson
Holly Bank Road Tracey Fisher
Holmclose Steve Ashton
Holme Close Patricia Lee
Holme Park Ct David Detraux
Holmfield Patricia Lee
Holmfield Avenue Patricia Lee
Holmfield Close Patricia Lee
Holmfield Dr Christine Shaw
Holmfield Road Patricia Lee
Hopkinson Road Cecile Hanson
Hubert Street Rebecca Riley
Hudds Rd, Meltham Mohammed Saeed
Hudds Rd, Holmfirth Steve Ashton
Hudds Rd, Shelley Patricia Lee
Hulbert Croft Joanne Rollinson/Maureen Sadler
Humber Cl Tim Lodge
Huntingdon Avenue Karoline Addington
Hurstwood Cecile Hanson
Ibbotson Flats Antony Dyson
Ing Lane Angela Bottomley
Ings Road Daniel Joseph
Ings Way East Steve Ashton
Ings Way West Steve Ashton
Jagger Lane Daniel Joseph
Jim Lane Antony Dyson
Jos Lane Patricia Lee
Jos Way Patricia Lee
Juniper Grove Joanne Broadley
Juniper Grove Mews Joanne Broadley
Keldregate 1-184 Karoline Addington
Keldregate 294-360 Cecile Hanson
Kelso Grove Jonathan Taylor
Kidroyd Joanne Rollinson/Maureen Sadler
King Cliffe Flats Kath Trueman
Kingston Avenue Jonathan Taylor
Kipling Cl Katie Steele
Kirklands Steve Ashton
Kirklea Patricia Lee
Laburnum Grove Christine Shaw
Lancaster Crescent Joanne Rollinson/Maureen Sadler
Lane Hackings Patricia Lee
Lane Hackings Green Patricia Lee
Larch Avenue Steve Ashton
Larch Close Jonathan Taylor
Laund Road Rebecca Riley
Lawrence Road Antony Dyson
Lawton St Karen Britton
Leafield Close Gail Lomax
Leak Hall Crescent Patricia Lee
Leas Avenue Steve Ashton
Lee Head Kath Trueman
Leeds Road Sharon Donaghy
Leeds Road 1011-1263 Karoline Addington
Leeds Road 951-969 Karoline Addington
Lees Close Jonathan Taylor
Leeside Avenue Cecile Hanson
Leymoor Rd Christine Shaw
Lidget Street Tracey Fisher
Lightenfield Lane Joanne Broadley
Lilac Walk Christine Shaw
Lime Grove Christine Shaw
Lincoln Grove Daniel Joseph
Lingards Rd Tim Lodge
Lockwood Close Antony Dyson
Lockwood Scar Angela Bottomley
Lockwood Scar Karen Britton
Lodge Cl Karen Britton
Long Grove Avenue Kevin Hough
Long Lane Jonathan Taylor
Longfield Ave, Golcar Christine Shaw
Longfield Ave, Dalton Kevin Hough
Longfield Close Kevin Hough
Longlands Ave Tim Lodge
Longley David Detraux
Longley Lane David Detraux
Longley Rd David Detraux
Longroyd Cres Tim Lodge
Longwood Rd, Longwood Mohammed Saeed
Lonsbrough Flats Antony Dyson
Lower Grange Karoline Addington
Lower Hey Mohammed Saeed
Lower Park Angela Bottomley
Lowergate Antony Dyson
Lowerhouses Lane David Detraux
Lydgate Close Steve Ashton
Lydgate Drive Steve Ashton
Lyn Royd Flats Tim Lodge
Main Ave Mohammed Saeed
Malham Court Gail Lomax
Manchester Rd Tim Lodge
Manor Drive Patricia Lee
Manor Rise, Skelmanthorpe Patricia Lee
Manor Rise, Newsome Angela Bottomley
Manor St Angela Bottomley
Manorstead Patricia Lee
Maple Ave Christine Shaw
Maple Close Jonathan Taylor
Marina Terr Christine Shaw
Market Street Antony Dyson
Marlow Close Jonathan Taylor
Matherville Patricia Lee
Mayfield Avenue Jonathan Taylor
Meadow Croft Karoline Addington
Mean Lane Mohammed Saeed
Meg Lane Mohammed Saeed
Melrose Close Jonathan Taylor
Meltham Rd Joanne Broadley
Mercer Cl Joanne Broadley
Millfield Close Tracey Fisher
Millmoor Rd Mohammed Saeed
Miln Road Kath Trueman
Mitchell Avenue Daniel Joseph
Mona St Tim Lodge
Moor End Rd Katie Steele
Moor Head Cl Mohammed Saeed
Moorcroft Ave Christine Shaw
Moorfield Road Kath Trueman
Moorgate Flats Mohammed Saeed
Moorlands Steve Ashton
Moorlands Crescent Steve Ashton
Moorside Ave Joanne Broadley
Moorside Road Jonathan Taylor
Moorside Terrace Jonathan Taylor
Morley Lane Mohammed Saeed
Morton Green Daniel Joseph
Mount Rd Tim Lodge
Myers Croft Jonathan Taylor
Myrtle Grove Tracey Fisher
Nab Cres Mohammed Saeed
Nairn Cl Katie Steele
Nether Close Sharon Donaghy
Nether Crescent Sharon Donaghy
Netherfield Drive Steve Ashton
Netherhall Avenue Sharon Donaghy
Netherley Dr Tim Lodge
Netherwood Close Kath Trueman
Nettleton Road Kevin Hough
Neville Grove Joanne Rollinson/Maureen Sadler
New Hey Rd  61 Tracey Fisher
New Hey Rd 182-230 Rebecca Riley
New Hey Rd  462-488 Rebecca Riley
New House Hall Gail Lomax
New House Road Gail Lomax
New Laithe Cl David Detraux
New Laithe Rd David Detraux
New Road Jonathan Taylor
New St, Slaithwaite Tim Lodge
New St, Honley Daniel Joseph
Newlands Avenue Patricia Lee
Newsome Ave Angela Bottomley
Newsome Rd Angela Bottomley
Newsome Rd Sth Angela Bottomley
Norcross Avenue Rebecca Riley
Norris Close Daniel Joseph
North Carr Kevin Hough
North Carr Croft Kevin Hough
North Dr Christine Shaw
Northgate Joanne Rollinson/Maureen Sadler
Northway Cecile Hanson
Norton Terrace Patricia Lee
Nowell Place Joanne Rollinson/Maureen Sadler
Oak Ave Christine Shaw
Oak Tree Avenue Steve Ashton
Oak Tree Road Steve Ashton
Oak Tree Terrace Steve Ashton
Oakenbank Cres Joan Owens
Oakes Avenue Steve Ashton
Oakes Lane Steve Ashton
Occupation Road Tracey Fisher
Old Clergy House Joanne Rollinson/Maureen Sadler
Olney St Tim Lodge
Orchard St Karen Britton
Owlers Close Karoline Addington
Oxford Place Joanne Broadley
Paddock Road Patricia Lee
Park Ave, Springwood Joan Owens
Park Ave, Flockton Patricia Lee
Park Rd West Joanne Broadley
Park Side Patricia Lee
Park View Patricia Lee
Parklands Steve Ashton
Parkside Jonathan Taylor
Parkwood Close Patricia Lee
Peckett Close Tracey Fisher
Penistone Road Daniel Joseph
Pennine Crescent Rebecca Riley
Pennine Gardens Tim Lodge
Perseverance St Karen Britton
Pick Hill Rd Mohammed Saeed
Pine Ct Joanne Broadley
Pine Ct Mews Joanne Broadley
Pinfold Close Patricia Lee
Pinfold Lane Patricia Lee
Pingle Rise Patricia Lee
Plantation Dr Karen Britton
Pottery Street Rebecca Riley
Primrose Grove Karen Britton
Primrose Hill Rd Karen Britton
Priory Place Karoline Addington
Prospect St Joan Owens
Quarmby Road, 208 – 246 Tracey Fisher
Quarmby Road Antony Dyson
Quarry Close Steve Ashton
Queen Elizabeth Gdns Joan Owens
Queens Way Patricia Lee
Radcliffe Rd Christine Shaw
Ravens Court Antony Dyson
Rawthorpe Crescent Sharon Donaghy
Rawthorpe Lane Kevin Hough
Raynor Close Tracey Fisher
Red Lane Mohammed Saeed
Reinwood Road Tracey Fisher
Richmond Avenue Kath Trueman
Richmond Flats Antony Dyson
Riddings Close Sheree Gordon
Riddings Rise Sheree Gordon
Riddings Road Sheree Gordon
Ridgeway Kevin Hough
Ridgeway Close Kevin Hough
Ridingwood Rise Patricia Lee
Rifle Fields Joan Owens
Rockley Close Joanne Rollinson/Maureen Sadler
Rockwood Close Karoline Addington
Roebuck Homes Jonathan Taylor
Roger Lane Joan Owens
Roman Close Rebecca Riley
Rose Ave Mohammed Saeed
Roundway Daniel Joseph
Rowan Ave Joanne Broadley
Rowan Ave Mews Joanne Broadley
Rowlands Avenue Jonathan Taylor
Royds Ave, New Mill Steve Ashton
Royds Ave, Paddock Antony Dyson
Royds Close Steve Ashton
Royds Drive Steve Ashton
Rufford Rd Christine Shaw
Ruskin Grove Sheree Gordon
Ryefield Rd Christine Shaw
Sandene Ave Katie Steele
Sandene Dr Katie Steele
Savile Avenue Patricia Lee
Savile Close Patricia Lee
Savile Street Patricia Lee
Saxton Place Daniel Joseph
School Lane, Emley Patricia Lee
School Lane, Kirkheaton Antony Dyson
Scott Hill Patricia Lee
Scott Vale Sheree Gordon
Second Avenue Jonathan Taylor
Sharp Royd Joanne Rollinson/Maureen Sadler
Sheepridge Grove Gail Lomax
Sheepridge Road Sheree Gordon
Shelley Lane Patricia Lee
Shepherds Grove Cecile Hanson
Sherwood Avenue Karoline Addington
Sikes Close Joanne Rollinson/Maureen Sadler
Smiths Avenue Antony Dyson
Smithy Close Patricia Lee
Smithy Lane Patricia Lee
South Ave Mohammed Saeed
South Cross Road Kath Trueman
South View, Jackson Bridge Steve Ashton
South View, Grange Moor Patricia Lee
Southfield Road Joanne Rollinson/Maureen Sadler
Southfield Road Daniel Joseph
Southwell Avenue Rebecca Riley
Spinneyfield Kath Trueman
Spring Grove St Joan Owens
Spring St Joan Owens
Springbank Crescent Sharon Donaghy
Springbank Road Sharon Donaghy
Springfield Ave Tim Lodge
Springwood Ave Joan Owens
Springwood Hall Cl Joan Owens
Springwood Road Steve Ashton
Spruce Dr Joanne Broadley
Spruce Dr Mews Joanne Broadley
Squirrel Ditch Joan Owens
St Andrews Road Sharon Donaghy
St Helens Gate Joanne Rollinson/Maureen Sadler
St Johns Ave Angela Bottomley
St Johns Avenue Jonathan Taylor
St Johns Road Jonathan Taylor
St Stephens Rd Joanne Broadley
Stainecross Ave Katie Steele
Staines Croft Jonathan Taylor
Station Road Daniel Joseph
Staynton Crescent Karoline Addington
Stockerhead Lane Tim Lodge
Stoney Lane Daniel Joseph
Stoney Lane Karen Britton
Storth Ave Mohammed Saeed
Stuart Grove Tim Lodge
Stuart Place Karoline Addington
Stutely Grove Karoline Addington
Sullivan Cl Katie Steele
Sunbury Grove Jonathan Taylor
Sunny Heys Mohammed Saeed
Sunny Heys West Mohammed Saeed
Sunnymead Patricia Lee
Sunnymead Bungalow Patricia Lee
Sutherland Dr Katie Steele
Swan Ct Joanne Broadley
Swan Lane Joanne Broadley
Sycamore Ave Christine Shaw
Sycamore Ct Christine Shaw
Sycamore Grange Christine Shaw
Taylors Bldgs Angela Bottomley
Teddington Avenue Jonathan Taylor
Tenters Grove Gail Lomax
Thackeray Grove Katie Steele
The Crofts Patricia Lee
The Fellows Joanne Broadley
The Lodge Tim Lodge
The Oval Steve Ashton
The Ridgeways Tim Lodge
The Royds Patricia Lee
The Square Patricia Lee
Third Avenue Jonathan Taylor
Thomas Street Tracey Fisher
Thornfield Rd Katie Steele
Thorp Pyn Croft Kevin Hough
Thorpe Avenue Steve Ashton
Thorpe Lane Daniel Joseph
Thorpes Crescent Patricia Lee
Tinderley Grove Joanne Rollinson/Maureen Sadler
Tintern Ave Christine Shaw
Tolson Crescent Jonathan Taylor
Town Avenue Sharon Donaghy
Town Crescent Sharon Donaghy
Town End Joanne Rollinson/Maureen Sadler
Town Place Sharon Donaghy
Town Road Jonathan Taylor
Town Terrace Sharon Donaghy
Towngate Angela Bottomley
Trafalgar Close Cecile Hanson
Trinity St Joan Owens
Tudor Croft Karoline Addington
Tudor St Tim Lodge
Tunnacliffe Rd Joan Owens
Turnshaws Avenue Patricia Lee
Turnshaws Road Patricia Lee
Upper Lane Patricia Lee
Urban Terrace Patricia Lee
Vale Close Joanne Rollinson/Maureen Sadler
Victory Avenue Antony Dyson
Wain Ct Karen Britton
Wain Ct Garages Karen Britton
Wakefield Road, Waterloo Joanne Rollinson/Maureen Sadler
Wakefield Road, Almondbury Daniel Joseph
Wakefield Road, Denby Dale Patricia Lee
Walpole Rd Katie Steele
Walton Croft Jonathan Taylor
Water St Joan Owens
Watercroft Joanne Rollinson/Maureen Sadler
Waterloo Rise Daniel Joseph
Well Grove Gail Lomax
Wellfield Avenue Patricia Lee
Wellfield Close Patricia Lee
Wellfield Road Antony Dyson
Wessen Ct Tim Lodge
West Avenue Steve Ashton
West Grove Avenue Jonathan Taylor
West Street Tracey Fisher
West View Rise Antony Dyson
Westerley Close Patricia Lee
Westerley Lane Patricia Lee
Westerley Way Patricia Lee
Weymouth Avenue Rebecca Riley
Whitacre Close Cecile Hanson
Whitacre Street Cecile Hanson
White Cross Karoline Addington
White Rose Avenue Jonathan Taylor
Whitestone Lane Kath Trueman
Whitteron Close Tracey Fisher
Wiggan Lane Gail Lomax
Willow Lane Kath Trueman
Willwood Avenue Rebecca Riley
Wilmar Drive Rebecca Riley
Wilton Avenue Karoline Addington
Windmill Crescent Patricia Lee
Windsor Place Karoline Addington
Windsor Rd Mohammed Saeed
Winget Ave Mohammed Saeed
Winton St Joanne Broadley
Wood Lane Joan Owens
Woodhead Close Sheree Gordon
Woodhouse Hill Kath Trueman
Woodlands Avenue Steve Ashton
Woodman Avenue Karoline Addington
Woods Ave Tim Lodge
Woods Mount Tim Lodge
Woods Terr Tim Lodge
Woodside Lane Kath Trueman
Woodside View Mohammed Saeed
Woodsome Glen Tim Lodge
Woodville Place Karoline Addington
Wren Street Antony Dyson
Yew Tree Road Antony Dyson
Zion Close Tracey Fisher

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